Don Maxwell Searll “Exploring the technology of art, and the art of technology” Don Maxwell Searll is an artist who uses digital technology as his preferred medium. Don believes technology defines the natural evolution of art. As technology has evolved, so Don’s art has evolved with it. In fact, Don has pioneered five artistic technologies namely: Infrared photography, Holography, Stereoscopic film, Laser graphics, Computer graphics and VR.


Through the Wilderness Exhibition a collaboration between Don and Dylan Lewis the sculptor, the miracles of life were evoked.

One show staged at L’Ormarinsand & at Sandton Convention Centre.

Don also exhibited at the Johannesburg Computer Art Fair under the curatorship of the Everard Read Contemporary gallery.


  He has many solo exhibitions and publications with art works in private collections, including with William Kentridge at the

contemporary gallery at Eleman house in Cape Town.

sandy DSC_6427

More recently he collaborated with Wayne Barker in a show called Muse Room where they explored the female form utilising

3D stereoscopic projections.

Wendy 10 DSCF7274

garden of delights

body glow 1 GLASS 5

Don continues to innovate at the art frontier. He has always believed that integrating the medium and the message makes for powerful communication. His latest developments in 3D art have been with S3D & auto stereoscopic displays. Don is continually exploring the art of technology and the technology of art.

“3D is the wave of the future, and the future has finally arrived”. Don M. Searll