Bring new attention to otherwise ordinary productions.

HoloVision is a state of the art full-service Digital VR-XR content creation company.

Providing an excellent creative technical VR acquisition team, with VR/AR Post strengths, supported by strong client relations.

Producing international award-winning 5D Stereoscopic computer animation and live-action experiences.

Working across experiential technologies has led us to champion a range of specialized 5D VR/AR/XR solutions for different industries with proven big benefits for businesses and brands.

We excel in capturing stunning VR material on locations including aerial VR footage to drive social and virtual reality, for motor, beverage, banking & tourism enterprise experiences.

We’re experts at directing 360 3D Cinematic animations, working flexibly with global clients, for small scale productions through to more complex 5D XR/VR/AR projects.

Our post-production proficiencies include purpose-built 360 cinematic workflows for up to 12K Stereo, VFX, compositing, grading, spatial 8D sound, to staging these presentations.

Maxwell, the creative director at Holovision – is a leading international authority on VR5D communication production with significant milestones to his name.

Combining technological wizardry with communication savvy, successfully capturing the attention and respect of today’s audiences. Balancing creativity, and entertainment ensures the message has a high retention value. Global studies have proven conclusively that viewing in VR results in deeper impressions, better retention of information and more memorable experiences.

The incredible surge in popularity of these exciting new VR/AR/XR mediums.

We’re passionate about creative collaborations and developing concepts into XR content.

Contact us to discuss VR, AR and XR, co-development and co-production opportunities.